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At DURHAMLoyal we provide a holistic approach to retirement planning to address wealth preservation, guaranteed income strategies, healthcare planning, and estate & tax planning. We know you have worked hard to accumulate your nest egg and we work hard to protect it.

The DURHAMLoyal Difference

Loyal is in our name because we believe in the importance of putting our clients first and placing the highest value in helping create the best life in retirement. We understand the significance of living a prosperous retirement, and that is why we remain loyal to helping retirement dreams come true. Our loyalty and commitment are centered around providing the best financial services and developing suitable strategies for your portfolio.

Some of our services

Retirement Planning

Through our retirement planning strategies, we help balance growth, risk, guaranteed income, and liquidity to ultimately help you make the best- educated decision for your specific situation so you enjoy the successful retirement you’ve worked so hard for.

Wealth Preservation

Our wealth preservation plans offer strategies that take into consideration all your income streams to develop a long-term, well-rounded plan. We will analyze the number of guaranteed/lifetime income sources you have (such as pensions or annuities), and the composition of your portfolio.

Guaranteed Income Strategies

Our guaranteed income strategies stay up to date with what is available in the industry in order to help protect your principal investment. We work to identify and replace under-performing “low risk” allocations with market- safe alternatives.

Healthcare Planning

Healthcare Planning becomes all the more important for the retired. Issues that need to be addressed include (but not limited to) which Medicare/Medicaid Plan to choose, when to consider Assisted Living arrangements, part-time or full-time personal in-home care if needed, nursing homes, etc. Our Financial Advisors address these issues with our clients early in our relationship, preferably before any healthcare needs arise.

Estate And Tax Planning

Through our Estate and Tax Planning, our goal is to build tax-efficient strategies into your retirement plan. We help reduce estate taxes and transfer personal and family assets to heirs quickly and privately to preserve what you spent a lifetime building.

International Wealth Preservation

We live in a culturally diverse and multinational society. Many of our clients have not only accumulated investments, pension plans, and properties here in the USA, but in other countries as well. As our clients acquaint us with their portfolios both here and abroad, we can show how to maximize and enjoy as much income as possible from all revenue sources.

Social Security Retirement & Timing Seminar

At DURHAMLoyal, we understand the need for comprehensive retirement education, and we're happy to offer different ways for you to interact with us to get the financial education best suited for you. Learn more by checking out our upcoming events and webinars.

Testimonials from Some of our Social Security Seminar Attendees:

“Richard Price’s ‘Common Sense’ approach was informative. I have a better general idea about Social Security which is what I hoped to get out of this presentation”


“Great job David! Very good and informative information. Thank you!”

Martha A.

“Very informative, David - sparked our interest to meet with you.”

Omaira V.

“Thank you, Gary. This was a great learning experience. I was most enlightened by the full retirement age versus the individual retiring early and losing funds or having to pay back.”

Tricia M.

“Very informative, Pat. I’m not as nervous about beginning process.”

Christopher S.

“Very informative and entertaining, Pat. Don’t change a thing!”

Melissa T.

“Great workshop, David. Very informative; enjoyed very much. Will call to set up an appointment. Thank you.”

Maria H.

Strategic Alliance

Peter Pecci

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Succession Plan

"We want to help you make financial decisions that assure that your money outlives you." The motto speaks to at least your next generation. And, DURHAMLoyal wants to assure you that we are well prepared to handle your financial services well into the next generation.
We invite you ask one of our Financial Advisors for more details about our Sucession Plan!

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